Sunstar Ora2me Stain Breath & Stain Clear Mouthwash (Natural Mint) 460ml 皓乐齿 淨白清新漱口水 (天然薄荷) 460ml



Sunstar Ora2me Stain Breath & Stain Clear Mouthwash 
Simply rinse with this to care for your breath and stains.
This cleans away the causes of smells and stains throughout your mouth.
・For odor causes: Contains double odor-adsorbing ingredients that adsorb and remove. The double coolant (flavoring) ingredients maintain clear breath.
・For stain causes: Contains a cleaning agent which removes the roots of stains (washes the surface of the teeth). Stain control ingredients coat the surface of teeth and reduce the adhesion of stains.

皓乐齿 淨白清新漱口水 
  • 去除口臭X洁净齿垢两大特色升级!
  • 含有2种香料达到清爽实感、持久清新的气息
  • 不含酒精不刺激,清新口感,适合天天使用

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