DR.CI:LABO Super White 377 VC Extra Deeper Formula 18G 城野医生 377VC美白淡斑精华液


Increased levels of melanin are caused by high levels Tyrosinase activity. Super White 377VC is formulated to especially obstruct the Tyrosinase activity in the skin, making it one of the most efficient whitening treatments available over the counter. The product contains an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient “Nano W377”. It has binding Platinum Colloid, WHITE377, and Vitamin C derivative.

Super White 377VC is a multi-faceted approach to whitening and prevention of dark spots, dull skin and dark eye circles, achieving results fast.*
(*individual results may vary)


  • Brightens skin
  • Helps to prevent future formation of dark spots
  • Helps to increase skin elasticity
  • Helps to promote blood circulation
  • Helps to improve acne scars
  • Contains antioxidants
  • The first results can be seen after 1 week and after 4 weeks of continuous usage, most dark spots and freckles becomes invisible *
  • (* individual results may vary)
No PerfumeNo Perfume
No ColouringNo Colouring
No Mineral OilsNo Mineral Oils
Paraben FreeParaben Free
Alcohol FreeAlcohol Free

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