SUPERFOOD LAB Biotin + P-Barrier Scalp Conditioner 480G


Biotin + P-Barrier cares for the scalp of itching and dandruff, next-generation Scalp series that leads to healthy hair. 

In addition to biotin * 1, it contains 10 kinds of super food ingredients * 2 including new ingredients such as seaberry and moringa. Furthermore, plant stem cell extract * 1, permeation type hyaluronic acid * 1 and lactic acid bacteria fermented extract * 1 infiltrate the scalp and hair * 3 to support the hair of adult women who tend to lose firmness and stiffness. 

※ 1 Moisturizing ingredient ※ 2 Super food: ※ 2 Seaberry (Hypophaerum noidos fruit extract), Moringa (Japanese horseradish seed extract), lingonberry (Bokimomo fruit juice), Bilberry (Bill berry leaf extract), Acai (Asai palm fruit extract), Makiberry (Achistor terrier tirunensis fruit extract), Pomegranate (Pomegranate peel extract), Aloe (Aloe vera juice), Kelp (Ascofilm nodosum / Hibamata / Hijiki / Troro kombu / Lesonia nigres Sense / mitsuishi kombu sicca / Seaweed extract)・ Coconut (coconut oil): Moisturizing ingredient 
※ 3 Even to the stratum corneum 

Silicone, paraben free, sulfate free, laureth free, no use of animal-derived raw materials, no synthetic coloring 


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