SUQQU Gentle Whip Wash 日本SUQQU苏酷 轻柔洁净洁面泡 130g


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SUQQU Gentle Whip Wash

A weakly acidic amino acid-based facial wash, with a rich and dense lather, which maintains the skin’s moisture for a natural glow.

Morning and night, every day, face washing can be said to be the first form of care to be given to the skin. A comfortable, convenient facial cleanser that combines rich foam and moisture to provide a fresh, moist feeling after washing.

How to Use

Wet your face and hands first. Lather it up and apply lather onto face. Massage gently, then rinse with water or lukewarm water.

*Made in Japan

日本SUQQU苏酷 轻柔洁净洁面泡


每天早晚,洗脸可以说是对肌肤的第一道呵护。 一款舒适、方便的洗面奶,结合了丰富的泡沫和水分,提供洗后清新、湿润的感觉。


先弄湿你的脸和手。 起泡沫并将泡沫涂抹在脸上。 轻轻按摩,然后用水或温水冲洗干净。



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