SUQQU Refining Soft Cleansing Cream 日本SUQQU苏酷 保湿氨基酸洁面洗面奶 130g


SUQQU Refining Soft Cleansing Cream

A soft textured cleansing cream that melts immediately into makeup as soon as it’s applied to skin for a delightful cleansing time.
Though cleaning can sometimes be troublesome, it is valuable not only for the skin, but also as an uplifting, heartwarming moment of selfcare.
The moment you put it on your skin, it melts into your makeup, a cleansing cream with a soft texture.ughly removes foundation and dirt accumulated
in pores, and a fine plant-derived scrub that events out the texture of bare skin. Daily care removes old keratin and leaves the skin smooth and clear. By gently stroking while massaging, it leads to a well-textured skin. Floral woody scent.

How to Use

Gently massage the cream onto your face with dry hands, then rinse with water or lukewarm water.

日本SUQQU苏酷 保湿氨基酸洁面洗面奶


涂抹在肌肤上的那一刻,它就会融入你的妆容,质地柔软的洁面霜,可以彻底去除粉底和毛孔中积聚的污垢,以及细腻的植物萃取磨砂膏,可以衬托出裸露肌肤的质感。 日常护理可去除老旧角质,令肌肤光滑透亮。 通过在按摩的同时轻轻抚摸,它会导致皮肤质地良好。 花木香。





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