Suqqu The Cream Foundation #110 SPF25 - 30g 日本Suqqu新品 晶采艳泽粉霜-110白皙肤色


The most luxurious cream foundation in SUQQU history is born. By applying an amino acid derivative coating to all pigments, it has a moist and less powdery texture.

Smooth and soft on the skin, it integrates with the skin and gives a gloss that blends in.

Contains a total of 13 types of domestic beauty heat insulation extracts. After applying it, it becomes familiar with the skin, and after a lapse of time, the glossiness of the skin changes, and the finish is beautiful from time to time. It keeps moisturizing and enhances beauty and skin impression.

Color 110
SPF / PASPF25 / PA ++

日本Suqqu新品 晶采艳泽粉霜-110白皙肤色







SUQQU(スック) / ザ クリーム ファンデーション 110の商品情報|美容・化粧品情報はアットコスメ


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