SVELTY 3 Times Pakkun Yeast Premium Diet Support 100 Tablets 丝蓓缇 糖质3倍分解酵母酵素 加强版 100粒


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 SVELTY 3 Times Pakkun Yeast Premium Diet Support 100 Tablets

Carbohydrate-degrading yeast-producing enzyme triple-folded version, Xiao Shao-ri, Shogi-type water-containing compound decomposition water, dioxygenation, etc., non-exposed body absorption, produced various digestive enzymes, assisted digestion, enriched bifurcation Streptomyces, lactic acid bacteria, improved thoracotomy, stool.

  • Triple bacteria degrading yeast premium has 3 times more effective than the normal version.
  • Supports your diet. 
  • Absorbs fats
  • Breaks down sugar and yeast.
  • Contains highly absorbed chitosan

What is high absorption type chitosan? 

  • Chitosan blended in bukkake-degrading yeast is manufactured by patented manufacturing method, so it has a high density. It is a material that dissolves quickly and is made with oil absorption capacity. 
  • Absorption capacity of 3 to 5 times, Absorb almost 90% of oil. 
  • This can absorb how quickly oil is consumed in the diet which is important. It takes about 1 to 2 hours oil absorption. 

Yeast action:

1. Sugar water compounds, carbohydrate degradation
2. Inclusion
3. Production enzyme
4. Production new silicon
5.Improvement environment

Usage: Please enjoy with 4 tablets a day with water or lukewarm water.

Content: 100 tablets


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