Svelty Belly Fat Pakkun Black Ginger (30 Days Supplies /150 Tablets) 日本丝蓓缇 黑生姜酵素腹部燃脂酵素 (30日份/150粒)


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Svelty Belly Fat Pakkun Black Ginger

-Herbal plant strength, carefully selected origin, high quality assurance.

-Piper longum improves the basic metabolism of the body, which is beneficial to speed up blood circulation and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body.

-Strictly select high-quality Indian long pepper from Southeast Asia to promote metabolism and circulation in the body, increase fat as energy, and burn fat efficiently.

-Polymethoxy flavonoids derived from black ginger can accelerate fat consumption in daily human metabolism.

-It has the effect of reducing abdominal fat for people with relatively high BMI (BMI is less than 24-30).

How to use:

-Take 5 tablets per day with a full glass of water or warm water.


日本丝蓓缇 黑生姜酵素腹部燃脂酵素





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