SVELTY Pakkun Yeast Dietary Support with Probiotics [2 Sizes] 日本丝蓓缇 糖质分解酵母酵素 抑制糖分油脂


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Packed with 6 kinds of herbs that have been loved for many years, such as “Yeast Bacteria” that loves carbohydrates and “Chitosan”, which has a history of over 10 years in the United States. It supports your eating habits.

  • Supplement tablets with yeast probiotics caring for carbohydrate intake for your body and helping ease the burden of eating too much.
  • ProbioticsHelp Balance The Friendly Bacteria in Your Digestive System, Help Prevent and Treat Diarrhea,  Improve Some Mental Health Conditions, May Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat



  • As a food, take 2 to 4 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.


  • (Per 2 tablets (0.626g)) 
  • Energy: 1.9kcaL, protein: 0.25g, lipid: 0.037g, carbohydrates: 0.27g, (carbohydrate 0.02g, dietary fiber 0.25g), salt equivalent: 0.001g


  • Refer to the ingredients, and refrain from ingestion by allergies, pregnant, breastfeeding, or those undergoing treatment. 
  • Rarely may not fit the constitution. Please read the indications and explanations carefully before consuming and consume them correctly. 
  • If you feel unwell after consuming, please stop consuming. 
  • Since we use plant-derived ingredients, there may be variations in color, etc., but there is no problem with the quality.


  • Dry yeast, chitosan (including shrimp), white kidney bean extract powder, indigestible dextrin, lactose, garcinia cambodia powder powder, candle bush powder, gymnema sylvesta extract powder, green tea, oligosaccharide, oolong tea powder powder, Dextrin, bifidobacteria, maltodextrin / crystalline cellulose, gelatin, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, succinic acid, calcium carbonate


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