Takashi Murakami

TAKASHI MURAKAMI Kaikai Kiki 6HP(6 Hearts Princess) Mascot Plush Doll-Mini Rei Rei 村上隆 6HP 六心公主精灵毛绒娃娃 (礼)


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TAKASHI MURAKAMI Kaikai Kiki 6HP(6 Hearts Princess) Plush Doll

Six adorable plush from Takashi Murakami’s animation, “6HP (Six Hearts Princess)”.
These magical characters are named after the virtues of Confucianism: Jin, Gi, Rei, Chi, Chu and Shin. They are buddies of the magical girls and uses their key element to help along in the story !

The names are engraved in their forehead and their color ball are all Murakami’s original design.Take a closer look at their cute and unique appearance while you place them in your hands. 

村上隆 6HP 六心公主 精灵毛绒娃娃 



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