Tamagawa Fitty Mask 7pcs [2 Colors]


In addition to a soft material like silk on the mouth side, a smooth non-woven material is used on the outside to make the mask softer and more comfortable to wear.


  • Non-woven fabric 3-tier guard pollen and dust in the filter expression.
  • Using ear-friendly wide straw or rubber.
  • 99% cut filter employment (BFE, VFE, PFE, pollen filtration efficiency).
  • Individually wrapped for convenience in carrying.
  • For cold, pollen, dust, etc.
  • Since it is a three-dimensional pleated process, it does not press the nose or mouth. Eliminate uncomfortable breathing.
  • 7 pcs of mask per order

How to use:

  • Check the front and back. The side to which the rubber for the ears is bonded is the inside (face side).
  • Adjust the nose fitter to the shape of the nose.
  • Apply rubber to the ear while fitting the face.
  • Spread the pleats up and down according to the size of the face.



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