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TEETH LAB Botanical Breath Mouth Wash - Forest Mint


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Refresh and cleanse your mouth! Whiter teeth and breath care. Formulated with white soap nut and papain enzyme. Lifts stains and protein based impurities for cleaner teeth.

A natural, botanical, vegan, and dentist approved tooth paste with no fluoride! Teeth Lab takes care of your oral health in 3 ways. White soap nuts & Papain enzyme cleanses and tackles stain in your teeth for a whiter smile. Phytoncide which is found from trees, and Teeth Lab's proprietary science, combine to break down & deodorize odor. Lastly, 6 botanical extracts such as chamomile and calendula coat teeth to prevents teeth from drying which is the cause of odor and stains, and creates a coat to protect from any new stains. 

  • Botanical formula without fluoride, silicon, natural or synthetic dyes, animal derived ingredients, dental abrasives, mineral oil, talc, fluorescent agent and bleach
  • Forest mint flavor

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