Kose 高丝

The Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask [3 Types]


A specially formulated additive-free, hypoallergenic mask that treats roughness and dullness. Recommended for damaged skin with a sensitivity to internal and external stress.

Instantly locks in fresh moisture, and nothing else! This pure, additive-free mask has an airtight design to deliver rejuvenating moisture straight to the skin. 

If you have sensitive skin, the variety of irritants your skin comes into contact with during the day can leave it dull and rough. Premium Fresh Mask gives your skin a rapid moisture boost, delivering an abundance of clear moisture deep into the stratum corneum and bringing your skin the rejuvenation of a good night's sleep. 

It is designed with unique technology that allows no air to get under the mask, delivering fresh serum for the ultimate in beautiful skin. 

1. The Pure Moisture effect 

PREMIUM FRESH MASK is rich in moisturizing ingredients, including ultra-clear spring water and Sakuran BG, a natural moisturizing ingredient. Sakuran is a moisturizing ingredient extracted from Aphanothece sacrum, an algae that only grows under specific conditions in the clearest spring water. It is extremely rare, found only in a few areas of Japan. Experts say it has five times the moisturizing performance of hyaluronic acid, creating a veil of moisture. 

Ume plum flesh extract and Tremella fuciformis extract BG, ingredients to retain moisture. Made with Japan's highest-quality water.

2. Addictive-free

Designed to be gentle on sensitive skin that has been irritated by external stressors, including dryness and UV rays. No fragrances. No dyes. No mineral oils. Alcohol free. Paraben free (no preservatives). No UV ray absorbents. Silicone free.

3. Newly developed micro 3D sheet

It has a contoured surface. Open the mask with the protruding area on the right, attach so that the bumpy side is touching the skin, and press from outside. You'll feel it seal against your skin! 

Made in Japan



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