O HUI The First Geniture Cell Essential Source 200ml 欧蕙 源生至臻精华水


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This light water type mush-have essence contains 90.3% of Cell Source™ ingredients that is: 

  • Full of skin nutrition,instead of purified water. As a mush-have boosting essence of The First Care, it improves weakened blood circulation of skin for all active ingredients to flow into every part of skin to make a better effect of next skin care's efficacy ingredients. 
  • With a smoothing texture that is soft but also full of nutritional ingredients, it helps the skin neatly absorb abundant nutritional ingredients.
  • Restores skin elasticity.
  • Contains EGF, hGH and peony extract to revitalize your skin. 


This is a source of nutrition for the skin that will enhance even more the anti-aging effects when using layered with The First products.

HOW TO USE: After using skin softener, lightly spread an appropriate amount of the product over entire face. Give a gentle pressure on skin with warm hands for deep absorption. 


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