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THE GINZA REVITALIZER P 日本The Ginza 御银座宙光焕能乳霜 P 40g


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Perceives problems such as dryness and roughness with the blissful texture.
The high-functioning cream (derived from the eye cream) soothes and revitalizes damaged skin, restores its firmness and elasticity.
  • Skin safeguards human being from external threats as the outermost material layer. In light of this fundamental physiological purpose, it is critical to keep skin well-conditioned and healthy-looking, by protecting skin from environmental adversarial factors like dryness and busy modern lifestyle.
-THE GINZA's original ingredient Perceptive Complex EX™ has moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties. It includes Rosa Roxburghii fruit extract, sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan, polyquaternium-51, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract (with anti-oxidant property), and Glycerin.
  • Visibly reduces fine lines, dullness and wrinkles. Softens the apparences of wrinkles and discoloration around the eye. Diminishes undereye dark circle. Improves the firmness and delivers an even-toned, radiant complexion.**The efficacy evaluation test performed.
  •  It feels like moisture level is adapted, skin's condition is kept in good condition. Skin appears glowy and healthy-looking.
    • Formulated with effective retinol derivative.
  • Works on skin that is prone to damage caused by external environmental factors, such as dryness.
  •  Skin looks retexturized. Roughness feels effectively reduced; skin feels smoother.
  • Skin feels brighter and more translucent.
    • Contains the brightening ingredient m-tranexamic acid.
  • Formulated with Centaurea Cyanus flower extract, Uncaria Gambir extract and Bupleurum Falcatum root extract, boosts elasticity and firmness.
  • The lightweight yet luxurious texture spreads and fixes on the skin well without causing stickiness or a heavy finish even after layered-usage.
  • The fresh and calming Linden Aroma transforms everyday skincare into blissful, relaxing ritual.

How to Use

  • Use as the final step of your morning and evening skincare regimen.
  • Take a pearl-sized amount onto the accompanying spatula and carefully smooth over the face and neck.
  • Apply an additional layer around the eyes and lips if desired.


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