The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO - Bichup Ja Saeng Anti-Aging Essence 2pc Set Whoo后 秘贴 专柜版秘贴三合一保湿滋润精华套盒


Jasaeng Essence is among the best selling essence in Korea. This superior essence promotes the self-regeneration of skin by restoring aged skin into a youthful stage and rejuvenating skin to reveal a lively and firm looking. Its multi-functional effects target to improve any sign of aging (e.g wrinkles, fine lines, uneven toned skin, and saggy skin).

Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence is the representative anti-aging essence of The History of Whoo that helps skin generate its own strength and make beautiful skin. Chojahabidan and Cordycepin or cordyceps encourage skin to develop strength on its own while precious and invaluable three secret formulas, which are Gongjinbidan, Gyeongokbidan and Cheongsimbidan, care various skin concerns, such as skin elasticity, moisturizing and complexion. Decocted essence texture of oriental medicinal ingredients moistly penetrates into the skin without stickiness, making purely youthful skin.

Efficacy and Effect: It helps skin wrinkle improvement.

How to use: Use right after refining skin with balancer for deep absorption. Smoothly spread from cheeks, forehead and nose to chin along skin texture, and lightly wrap face with palms to make it absorbed into skin fast so that skin can raise its own strength by itself. 


Set ($185 Value) consist of: 

  • 2 Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence (50ML and 20ML)
  • Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer (25ML) 
  • Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion  (25ML) 
  • Gongjinhyang Purifying Mask (30ml)
  • Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence (20ml) 



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