The History of Whoo Cheongidan Global 2PCS Set 后 天气丹系列水乳套装


Through the combination of dozens of precious ingredients, it can improve skin dryness, insufficient nutrient supply and other skin problems, brighten the skin, and reveal the skin's luster from the inside out, keeping the skin radiant.

Skin care benefits: Revitalizing, moisturizing, lifting, firming, moisturizing, hydrating

Set of 7 Moisturizing Set, Deep nourishment, Brightening color, and Firming elasticity 

Set includes: 

  • Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer (150ml + 25ml sample)
  • Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion (110ml + 25ml sample)
  • Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Rejuvenating Essence (8ml sample)
  • Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Rejuvenating Nourishing Cream (10ml sample)
  • Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Rejuvenating Eye Cream (5ml sample) 






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