The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO CHEONGIDAN Pro-Radiance Cream 后 天气丹 光耀焕活紧颜滋养霜 60ml


THE HISTORY OF WHOO CHEONGIDAN Rejuvenating Pro-Radiance Cream

The newly upgraded Royal Formula, CheonGiBiDan12α, incorporates the antioxidant and repairing properties of the Golden Gardenia ingredient, greatly enhancing its anti-aging effects. Combined with the exclusive skin-brightening ingredient Pro-Radiance, it restores a radiant and illuminated complexion from within. This rich and nourishing face cream is quickly absorbed by the skin upon application, allowing the skin to regain its radiance and elasticity.

How to Use
Use after essence and emulsion. Apply evenly over face. Rub both palms together and press palms to your face to enhance product absorption.


    后 天气丹 光耀焕活紧颜滋养霜





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