The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO: CHEONGIDAN Illuminating Refining Pad 60 Pads/Box 后 天气丹华 炫亮采柔肤肌底精华棉 60片/盒


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Enriched in special Hwa Hyun Refining Complex™, CheonIlGamCho Complex™, Pyrujuven™, and CheonGiBiDan, provide thorough skincare that can reduce the appearance of coarse pores, dull skin, and wrinkles to achieve more clear and transparent Hwahyun skin.

The newly enhanced pad with moisturizing polymer boosts impregnation power by 1.6 times, providing exceptional hydration and effectively improving the skin's moist feeling. In addition, the double-sided microfiber design of the pad has different functions. The embossed side is used for removing dead skin and makeup residue with a non-irritating texture. The microfiber sheet side can be used as a soothing mask to give the skin the most delicate care, maximize the skin brightening effect, and create clear, smooth skin.

How to Use

Daily care
1. After washing your face, take out a pad using the built-in tongs.
2. With an embossed side, gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes in the direction of the skin texture.
3. Use microfiber sheet side, gently wipe the area that needs to be relieved

Special care (can be used on a topical areas such as lips, under eyes, neck):
1. Attach a microfiber sheet to the area that needs soothing care as a substitute for a mask pack.
2. After 5 minutes, gently wipe the entire area and pat the remaining essence for absorption.


后 天气丹华 炫亮采柔肤肌底精华棉

添加独特华炫焕肤复合物、千日甘草复合物、天气白煐丹以及天气秘丹,有效改善肌肤表面毛孔粗大、暗沉、皱纹等问题 ,同时为肌底深度护理,缔造清透光彩之华炫肌肤。



1. 洁面后,用内附的夹子取出一张棉片。
2. 用压花面在除眼部以外的面部,顺着肌肤纹理轻柔擦拭,护理角质,带走死皮以及化妆残留物。
3. 将超细纤维面放置于需要舒缓部位,轻轻擦拭。

局部护理 (可用于唇部、眼下、颈部等敏感干燥部位):
1. 在需要镇静护理的肌肤部位,用超细纤维面代替面膜进行贴敷。
2. 5分钟后,柔和地擦拭整个面部,剩余的精华液以轻拍的方式帮助吸收。



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