The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerative Cream 后 天率丹 和率极致再生霜 60ml


THE HISTORY OF WHOO  Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Cream 

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Series contains HwaYul SeokGok Complex and Royal CheonChoHwa, has a significant increase in the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, improve skin moisture and elasticity, and achieve a more lifted look. It also adds about 24 kinds of CheonGiBiDan ingredients to keep skin moisturized and shiny. Meanwhile, Youth Connect™ technology is adopted to strengthen the anti-oxidant effect, which can revitalizes the skins while adding moisture and radiance.

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Cream contains the precious ingredients of CheonYulDan which promotes the blood circulation, and create a nourishing moisture barrier for the skin, this soft and velvety cream is highly penetrating. It melts on the skin to provide moisture and nutrients. Skin then appears healthier and perfectly balanced. The cream adheres to the skin to provide protection against environmental aggressions. Its gentle formula and refined texture mean you can even use it as an eye cream!

How to Use

After using an emulsion, apply to face as the last step of your skincare routine. Take an appropriate amount, gentle press and pat with your palms, enhance product absorption by placing your palms on your face. Massage evenly over face in outward strokes until moisturizer is completely absorbed.


    后 天率丹 和率极致再生霜

    天率丹 和率極致再生系列蘊含宮廷川草花™及鐵皮石斛花成份,令膠原蛋白及透明質酸合成率提升,使肌膚更加水潤彈性,達到全方位360度緊致提拉的效果。當中亦加入約24種成分調和的天氣秘丹令肌膚保持水潤光澤。同時採用 Youth Connect 技術加強抗氧化功效,有助延緩衰老,令肌膚保持光彩彈力。


    使用乳液后, 在护肤的最后阶段,取适量于掌心,从面部中央向外轻柔涂抹,然后用手掌轻轻按压、拍打面部,以利用手部温度促进吸收。



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