The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Balancer 后 天率丹 和率极致再生水 150ml


THE HISTORY OF WHOO  Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Balancer

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Series contains HwaYul SeokGok Complex™ and Royal CheonChoHwa, has a significant increase in the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, improve skin moisture and elasticity, and achieve a more lifted look. It also adds about 24 kinds of CheonGiBiDan ingredients to keep skin moisturized and shiny. Meanwhile, Youth Connect technology is adopted to strengthen the anti-oxidant effect, which can revitalizes the skins while adding moisture and radiance.

Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Balanceris a concentrated toner that contains precious HwaYul ingredients. It can effectively deliver abundant nutrients deep into the cells of the epidermis layers, thus effectively help skin stretch, improve the skin's balance, and prepare for the subsequent skin care procedures. The texture is moist and nourishing,  it can increase the absorption and rapid adhesion of moisture to the basal layer of skin, keeping it soft and radiant.

How to Use
Use twice daily in the morning and at night after cleansing, take an appropriate amount, apply evenly over face using gentle outward strokes.


    后 天率丹 和率极致再生水

    天率丹 和率极致再生系列蕴含宫廷川草花™及铁皮石斛花成份,令胶原蛋白及透明质酸合成率提升,使肌肤更加水润弹性,达到全方位360度紧致提拉的效果。当中亦加入约24种成分调和的天气秘丹令肌肤保持水润光泽。同时采用 Youth Connect 技术加强抗氧化功效,有助延缓衰老,令肌肤保持光彩弹力。

    天率丹 和率极致再生水是一支浓缩的调肤水,蕴含珍贵和率丹成分,能够为肌肤前期深层修护,可以有效舒展肌肤的表皮角质层,调理和平衡肌肤状态,为后续的护肤程序做好准备。质地水润滋养,具有高渗透力,使用时柔软不粘腻,令肌肤柔软亮泽。




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