The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: In Yang Essentials Special Set


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Benefits: Moisturizing, Nourishing, Firming, Nutritive, Vitalizing, Hydrating

Applicable to: Female Application

Quality: Neutral, Oily, Dry, Mixed

Set ($128 Value) include: 

  • 2 Essential Moisturizing Balancer (150ML & 20ml sample) 
  • 2 Essential Nourishing Emulsion (150ML & 20ML sample) 
  • 1 Facial Foam Cleanser (40ML) 
  • 1 Intensive Nutritive Cream (10ML) 


Essential Moisturizing Balancer 

- This concentrated ultra hydrating balancer supplies abundant, extreme moisture to dry skin to soften and moisturize. 

Direction: Apply along the skin texture with 2-3 drops on palms after washing in the morning and evening. Gently press with palms to penetrate deeply after applying.


Essential Nourishing Emulsion 

- This oriental herbal lotion infuses gloss and vitality into skin with sufficient nutrition and moisture supply. 

Direction: Apply on skin by tapping gently with palms after applying evenly along the skin texture after using Essence.


Intensive Nutritive Cream

- This highly enriched cream improves the appearance of bounce of skin by tightly plumping up the skin from inside to surface with rich, deep nutritional texture to care skin elasticity and contour of face. 

Direction: Apply gently along the skin texture after suing lotion and eye-cream. Penetrate deeply by gently covering the whole face with palms after applying. 


Facial Foam Cleanser 

Infused with different herbal ingredients, this cleanser reduces the external factors that lead to skin aging. Features gentle formula that helps remove the sebum, impurities and makeup residue on skin with gentle foam. Skin becomes subtle, refined, radiant with clarity after cleansing.


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