The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang:Radiant White 3pcs Special Set ( With Gift ) 韩国后 拱辰享雪透亮净白3件套装组(附赠品)

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THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang:Radiant White 3pcs Special Set

[WITH GIFTS :Gongjinhyang Brightening Foam Cleanser 180ml ($40) + Gongjinhyang:Radiant Brightening 3pcs Travel Set]

In addition to the original ingredients of Chixiang Babai Powder and Chrysanthemum Chamomile, enhanced ingredients - pearls and ginseng with roots of 7 years or above are added to comprehensively enhance the whitening and moisturizing effects, making the skin crystal clear and hydrated like white jade. Bai Ji.

Set Includes:

  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant White Balancer 150ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant White Emulsion 110ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant White Moist Water Cream 30ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant White Balancer 20ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant White Lotion 20ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant White Moist Water Cream 4ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant Brightening Foam Cleaner 13ml
  • Gongjinhyang:Radiant Brightening Peeling Gel 13ml


韩国后 拱辰享雪透亮净白3件套装组

[附赠品: 拱辰享雪白洁颜乳 180ml ($40) + 拱辰享雪透亮净白3件旅行装]

于原有的七香八白散与菊花野甘菊成分中,添加加强成分- 珍珠及7年根或以上的人蔘,全面提升美白及保湿功效,使皮肤变得如白玉般晶莹剔透,水凝白晢。


  • 拱辰享 雪透亮净肌水 150ml
  • 拱辰享 雪透亮净白乳液 110ml
  • 拱辰享 雪透亮水分面霜 30ml
  • 拱辰享 雪透亮净肌水 20ml
  • 拱辰享 雪透亮净白乳液 20ml
  • 拱辰享 雪透亮水分面霜 4ml
  • 拱辰享 雪白洁颜乳 13ml
  • 拱辰享雪白焕肤啫喱 13ml



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