The History of Whoo

The History of Whoo WhooSpa Essence Rinse 350ml WHOO后 拱辰享御泉臻养奢润护发素


The History of Whoospa Essence Rinse Features: 

- Formulated with the herbal essence ingredient, rehmannia, this premium rinse strengthens and brings sheen to each strand of your hair. 

- After using Whoospa Essence shampoo, apply a sufficient amount of Whoospa Essence Rinse and massage your hair, mainly focusing on the ends of your hair, and rinse. You will experience that the herbal essence cares for your hair. 

- Plentiful herb extracts provides nutrition and creates soft and shiny hair. 

- Makes hair smooth and more volume. 


 WHOO后 拱辰享御泉臻养奢润护发素

 滋养头皮 呵护秀发



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