The History of Whoospa

The History of Whoospa Essence Shampoo 350ml



Whoo Spa Palace's Know-how and bathing secrets feature a premium body line. 
  • This is a hair product that combines the essence of royal bath, which has been handed down from ancient times and controls the weary skin with external waste and stress. 
  • Fortified with the herbal essence ingredient, coptis, this premium shampoo restores the essential balance of the scalp. You will experience that the herbal essence cares for your scalp. 
  • Stimulates blood circulation and restores the essential balance of the scalp. 
  • Provides nutrition and moisture for healthy hair.
  • Cleans hair and scalp with soft bubbles. 
  • Helps prevent hair loss and helps with shiny hair.
How To Use:
After thoroughly soaking the hair and scalp with lukewarm water, apply an appropriate amount of it to your hands to make a bubble, then spread it evenly over the scalp and massage the precious royal essence deep into the scalp.

Volume: 350 ml 
After Opening: 1 Year
Expiry Date: 36 months from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: Korea

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