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THE NA+ An-Ti Hair Loss Green Therapy Hair Essence 韩国The NA+ 绿色疗法护发防脱发精华 100ML


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THE NA+ An-Ti Hair Loss Green Therapy Hair Essence

Green therapy hair essence is a nutrient essence that helps care for damaged hair, it ferments five oils to supply nutrients to the hair and scalp, helping to make healthy and shiny hair this is a hair loss-relieving cosmeceuticals essence as well as improving curling and disheveled hair.
  • A unique combination of oils, which The NA+ refers to as the Ferment Oil Hair Complex, is added as a main ingredient in the shampoo to help bring shine and silkiness to your hair.
  • Apply this treatment onto both wet and dry hair depending on your need. Applying this treatment before using a heat tool will provide your hair heat protection. 
  • Also, the Sweet Almond Oil provides volume and shine to your hair especially putting it on dry hair.
  • Menthol can helps bring a calming effect to the scalp and skin, Salicylic Acid provides hair conditioning and health to your hair, and Panthenol helps damaged hair.
How to Use
Gently shake the bottle before use and pour an adequate amount onto your hands and rub the product gently all over your hair. 
*Made in Korea
THE NA+  【韩国国民打星 马东锡代言】治疗绿色疗法护发防脱发精华 100ML.THE NA+  【韩国国民打星 马东锡代言】治疗绿色疗法护发防脱发精华 100ML.

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