Tokyo 2022 Beautiful Rainy Day Collection Tray 东京迪士尼达菲和它的朋友们2022雨天系列托盘

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Collection Background:

Beautiful Rainy Days
The Beautiful Rainy Days event is themed around his friends enjoying the showers during the spring season in Japan. Tokyo Resort has provided a story for the event;

was looking forward to going out in the warm and cheerful spring.
“I wonder if the rain will stop soon.”
murmured , looking out the window.

“We have to enjoy it on a rainy day!”
At the suggestion of , we all decided to go out to play.

“It Looks like the flowers are dressed up!”
makes her eyes shine when she sees the water droplets on the flowers.
dances with sparkling water.
Everyone enjoys the rain as they please.

As I was playing, the sun was gradually shining.
“Wow, the rain and the sun were on the same page!”
looked up at the big rainbow in the sky and smiled.

proudly told everyone, “Rain makes spring look so beautiful, doesn’t it?”

--“Friends Beautiful Rainy Days” Story

Product Feature:

On this tray, a collection of his friends in rainy-day outfits in pastel colors is shown.






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