Tokyo Corocoro Pooh Plush Keychain 东京迪士尼 小熊维尼公仔钥匙圈


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Wrapped in a sense of security that makes you want to touch it all the time. Pooh's stuffed toy key chain is now available.
Pooh's cute eyes and plump cheeks. The size fits in the palm of your hand, and the fluffy texture will heal you.
A stuffed toy key holder that you can always be with at home or on the go. You will surely become a special person!

Size:Total length: approx. 22 (cm)
Character: Height approx. 11.7 x Width 6 x Depth 7.5 (cm)
Material: Polyester
Weight: about 42 (g)

*Made in China

东京迪士尼 小熊维尼公仔钥匙圈

包裹在一种安全感中,让你想一直触摸它。 维尼的毛绒玩具钥匙链现已上市。
维尼可爱的眼睛和丰满的脸颊。 大小适合您的手掌,蓬松的质地会治愈您。
无论是在家还是在旅途中,您都可以随身携带的毛绒玩具钥匙扣。 你一定会成为一个特别的人!

尺寸:总长度:约。 22(厘米)
人物:身高约 11.7 x 宽 6 x 深 7.5(厘米)


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