Tokyo Poterino Stit Plush 东京迪士尼 史迪奇不倒翁公仔

A new type of Poterino plush that shakes when you put it down. The wobbly plush Stit is now available!

A cute pose that shakes like a ball. Soft colors and soft touch will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Small size that can be rolled in tight spaces such as in your palms or place on a desks. Since the size is easy to collect, it becomes even more cute to shake with other characters (sold separately). You should be amazed how cute it is!

Size: Height approx. 12 x width 8.5 x depth 6.5 (cm)

Material: Main body fabric part (polyester) / Main body bottom (ABS resin) / Filling cotton (polyester) / Weight (iron)

*Made in China

东京迪士尼 史迪奇不倒翁公仔




尺寸:高度约。 12 x 宽 8.5 x 深 6.5 (cm)



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