TOWHITE Toilet Cleaning Gel Flower Parfait 2pcs Earth制药 To White马桶洁香锭 (花香)


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  • Just apply it and the toilet will stay glossy for two weeks. A standard item can be used after about two weeks for each. (Approximately 1 month for 2 pieces) However, it may vary depending on water volume, water temperature, temperature, usage method, etc.
  • Demonstrates five effects: cleaning, darkening prevention, antifouling, pink stain prevention, and fragrance.
  • The effect of keeping the whiteness of the toilet bowl achieved by using a solid type that has never existed before.
    *Not all colored stains are prevented. The effect may vary depending on the usage environment and the degree of contamination. Also, if you continue to use the product, you can maintain the effect.
  • Achieved a concentrated prescription with a high concentration of active ingredients. Clean and rinse off.
  • Every time it is poured, the antifouling power will be strengthened and it will be difficult to remove dirt.
  • Prevents darkening and pink stains with a colored stain prevention formula.
  • Because it is a disposable type, it is hygienic when stored.
  • Because it is small and white, it is not conspicuous because it fits well in the toilet bowl. (Size when pasted: diameter 27 mm, height 8.6 mm)

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