TREECELL Day Collagen Shampoo Ver. Citrus Shower 韩国TREECELL 魅力无限日用柑橘胶原蛋白洗髮水 520ml


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TREECELL Morning of Resort Collagen Shampoo


  • A mild day shampoo to gently remove greasiness from your scalp.
  • Adds volume to your hair for easier styling.
  • Replenishes protein and moisture for dehydrated strands.
  • Formulated with a refreshing scent of citrus.

How to use:

Dispense a proper amount of the shampoo onto your palms to lather up. Massage the foam onto your scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly with water.


 韩国TREECELL 日用旅行的早晨 胶原蛋白洗髮水

  • 温和的日间洗发水,可温和去除头皮上的油脂。
  • 增加头发的体积,更容易造型。
  • 为脱水的发丝补充蛋白质和水分。
  • 配方具有清爽的柑橘香味。

取适量洗发水于掌心,使其起泡。 将泡沫按摩到头皮和头发上。 用水彻底冲洗。


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