TSURURI Ghassoul Clay Pack


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Tsururi facial pack is formulated with Moroccan clay and other ingredients to absorb and remove dirt and dead skin layer. By gently removing the old skin layer, unclogging pores and combatting rough skin, tsururi facial pack works to expose translucent skin. Easy-to-use paste type. Moisturizing ingredients; hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract and propolis extract also aid in bring elasticity to skin. Relaxing aroma gives the sense of an herbal spa. Free of mineral oil and alcohol. Weakly acidic. Usage notes: do not use on skin with issues such as rash, pigment disorders, cuts, eczema and swelling. Should skin issues arise with use or after use with direct sun, discontinue use. Continued use may result in worsening of symptoms. Should symptoms persist, consult a skin specialist or contact "customer relations bcl styling life holdings corporation". Avoid eye contact. Rinse immediately without rubbing should product get in eyes. Consult an ophthalmologist should any irritation persist. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store in extremely cold or hot temperatures or in direct sunlight. After each use, close cap tightly. Due to the high ratio of natural ingredients, a clear liquid may be emitted from tube which is no indication of a quality issue.

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