UHA Mikakuto Katsuo-Ji Lucky Daruma Peach Gummy 日本UHA味覚糖 x 勝尾寺 蜜桃味软糖 25g


UHA Mikakuto Katsuo-Ji Lucky Daruma Peach Gummy

Japanese Katsuoji x UHA Mikake Candy, Katsuoji is a famous Japanese temple for its good luck. Deliver the power of victory to people around the world who cannot go to Katsuoji Temple through "Mikan Candy"! The super cute Bodhidharma shape printed on the gummy candies, it brings the blessing of "victory" and the idea of overcoming oneself. It is especially suitable for praying for career, study, etc., and is suitable for both gift-giving and personal use.

Allergens contained in this product
Peaches, apples, gelatin

*Made in Japan

日本UHA味覚糖 x 勝尾寺 蜜桃味软糖

日本胜尾寺xUHA味觉糖, 胜尾寺以幸运闻名。通过“味覚糖 ”向全世界无法前往胜尾寺所在的人们传递胜利的力量!透过印在软糖上超可爱的达摩造型,, 带来「胜利」的祝福,也有战胜自我的意念,, 尤其适合对事业、学业等的祈福, , 送礼自用两相宜




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