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UNIMAT RIKEN Kids Peach Leaves Laundry Detergent 800ml 日本UNIMATE RIKEN 儿童桃叶洗衣液


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UNIMAT RIKEN Kids Peach Leaves Laundry Detergent

A laundry detergent with peach leaf extract. Safe to use for delicate baby clothes, and on light-colored clothing. Specially formulated to be gentle on baby's skin. Free from Fragrance, phosphorus, artificial dyes, and brightener. Environmentally friendly. 


Measure with cap. Start washer, add detergent, then add clothes. Please check the laundry symbols on the package.

[Laundry Machine] Please follow the instructions of the machine.

[Hand Wash] Gently press fabric in the detergent solution for several time. Rinse it off thoroughly and drain the water. 


日本UNIMAT RIKEN 儿童桃叶洗衣液

  • 含大腿叶提取物,可用于精致婴儿服装以及柔软浅色的衣服
  • 有效去除起异味,汗渍,和皮脂污渍
  • 具有生物降解性活化剂的环保型洗衣液
  • 对婴儿的皮肤温和
  • 不含香料,磷,人造染料和增白剂

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