UNLABEL LAB Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water 日本UNLABEL LAB 植物高保湿卸妆水 500ml


UNLABEL LAB Moist Botanical Micellar Cleansing Water

unlabel series has gone under a renewal with more effective botanical ingredients and protection from environmental aggressors including the weather, stress, sun exposure and blue light. 
Over 85% of the formula is made from natural ingredients.

  • Hawthorn, jujube, grapefruit and apple extracts, orange, lemon and lime juice gently approaches old skin cells to remove toxins and promotes cell turnover
  • Artichoke and Enantia chloranta bark extract removes sebum from skin, prevents pores from darkening and makes them less noticeable
  • 3 organic plant extract of Althaea, Chamomile and Sage to hydrate and support collagen and hyaluronic acid production
  • 4 plant extracts; coix seed, scutellaria root, yuzu and horse chestnut seed extract, reinforces skin's barrier function and sustains its moisture level
  • Centella asiatica calms upset skin while gently hydrating
  • Peony root extract, Angelica root extract and bilberry leaf extract prevents damages from the sun and blue light for a brighter complexion
  • Free from fragrance, dyes, mineral oil, paraben, alcohol, silicon, talc and animal ingredients
  • Simple, wipe off formula to remove makeup and impurities from skin
  • Can be used as a face wash replacement for a busy morning
  • Removes make up, cleanses face, removes old skin cells, provides pore care and also acts as a lotion
  • Safe for eyelash extension and for waterproof makeup
  • Simple, push down pump to use

    How to use

    Squeeze 3~4 times, soak it and wipe it on the whole face.

    日本UNLABEL LAB 植物高保湿清爽卸妆水

    • 3种高保湿植物萃取(牛蒡、洋甘菊、鼠尾草)、5种舒缓镇定植物萃取(珍珠薏仁、黄芩根、柚子果、蓝莓、柑橘)、积雪草植萃精华、独特植物微囊净颜粒子、AHA果酸。
    • 有效吸附带走彩妆及毛孔脏污,同时代谢老废角质、粉刺,温和高保湿力与高洗净力,卸妆同时温和锁水,无需再使用清水冲洗即可享受清爽水嫩肌。
    • 8种无添加(无香料、无色素、无矿物油、无防腐剂、无酒精、无矽灵、无滑石粉、无动物性原料)。
    • 弱酸性,亲肤低敏不易刺激。
    • 敏感肌适用。
    • 植睫毛、防水性彩妆、防晒均可使用。



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