Universal Studios Japan 日本环球影城

USJ M Halloween Ballpoint Pen Set 日本环球影城 小黄人万圣节圆珠笔套装


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USJ M Halloween Keychain

A cute pen set with rubber parts of Bob & Tim disguised as wolves. Enjoy Halloween by using it yourself or sharing it with your friends!

Size: Approximately W3.2~4.3cm x H14.1cm x D2.1cm
Material: Shaft: ABS

*Made in China

      日本环球影城 小黄人万圣节钥匙扣

      可爱的钢笔套装,带有鲍勃和Tim熊伪装成狼的橡胶部件。 自己使用或与朋友分享,享受万圣节!

      尺寸:约W3.2~4.3cm x H14.1cm x D2.1cm



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