USJ Snoopy Headband (Belle) 日本环球影城 史努比发箍 (贝儿)


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USJ Snoopy Headband (Belle)

A headband that lets you to be Snoopy's cute sister "Belle" with a pink ribbon! The footprint parts on the ears are also a highlight.

Size: Approximately W19.5cm x H28cm x D9cm
Material: Polyester, zinc alloy, ABS resin

*Made in China

      日本环球影城 史努比发箍 (贝儿)

      一条粉红丝带让你变身史努比可爱妹妹“贝儿”的头箍 ! 耳朵上的脚印部分也是一大亮点。

      尺寸:约W19.5cm x H28cm x D9cm



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