Universal Studios Japan 日本环球影城

USJ Tim Hair Tie Pony Set 日本环球影城 小黄人Tim熊双马尾绑发圈


Only 2 pieces in stock!

USJ Tim Hair Tie Pony Set

Let's wear "Tim", a stuffed bear that Bob loves very much! Fluffy Tim's cute hair pony with a big face will attract more attention if you match it with your outfit! With a set of two, you can wear pony tails, or share the cuteness with your best friend!

SIZE: About W7cm×H5cm×D3.5cm
Thickness of rubber: about 0.3cm each
Material: Polyester

*Made in China*

日本环球影城 小黄人Tim熊双马尾绑发圈

让我们穿上“蒂姆”吧,小黄人鲍勃非常喜欢的毛绒熊! 毛茸茸的蒂姆可爱的大脸,搭配你的衣服会吸引更多的注意力! 两件套,你可以扎双马尾,扎马尾辫,你可以和你最好的朋友一起去!

橡胶的厚度: 每个约0.3cm



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