Uyeki Anti-Mites Deodorant & Anti-Bacteria Spray 250ml 日本 UYEKI 床上除螨虫除湿喷雾剂 250ml


Uyeki Anti-Mites Deodorant & Anti-Bacteria Spray

  • Non-toxic mites repellent spray.
  • Can apply in environment with baby and pet.
  • Used it every 4 weeks.
  • DaniClin, a dust mite repellent, saves atopic babies and solves worries about allergies caused by dust mites and house dusts.
  • DaniClin is not a insecticide, but a natural product using non-toxic ingredients that dust mites hate.
  • With just a few times spraying, DaniClin will make the surface free from dust mites from pillows, beds, etc. where normally dust mites live on and reproduce in huge number and tend to cause itches and even atopic symptoms for babies.

How to Use

Spray on the object surface in 30cm for every 4 weeks.


Aliphatic carboxylic acid estel


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