UYEKI Mold Remover 威奇 墙体防霉除霉剂 150g


UYEKI Mold Remover

A mold remover (for bath) that strongly removes stubborn mold stains. As it is a gel type, it adheres firmly and the active ingredient penetrates deeply. Effectively removes mold. Since it does not easily scatter, it is easy to use in places higher than the line of sight and window frames other than the bathroom. Since it contains red resin beads, it is easy to see where it is applied and it is convenient. There is little odor that is peculiar to chlorine-based mold removers. Contains an antifungal agent that suppresses the growth of mold.
How to Use
(1) Before use, be sure to ventilate by opening windows and doors and turning the ventilation fan. Wear rubber gloves and a mask.
(2) Wipe off Stain and moisture sufficiently, apply it so that it wraps around the mold Stain, and leave it for 1-2 hours. After use, close the cap and store in a cool and dark place.
(3) Rinse with water after the work is completed or wipe it off thoroughly. Always wash your hands after work, and then wash your face and eyes.

● If mold is difficult to remove, repeat steps (2) and (3). Stubborn mold should be left for 1-2 hours and rubbed off with an old toothbrush.
● If left for a long time after application, it may be difficult to remove the gel. At that time, scrape off with an old toothbrush.



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