UZU BY FLOWFUSHI Eye Opening Liquid Eyeliner (Orange) 熊野职人 UZU 睛奇彩色防水八角液体眼线笔 (橘色) 0.55ml


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UZU BY FLOWFUSHI Eye Opening Liquid Eyeliner

Get the perfect look with the Flowfushi Eye Opening Liner Blue Japan Liquid Eyeliner. This alcohol- and dye-free, hypoallergenic liner glides on smoothly and easily, accentuating your eyes. The long-lasting formula won't smudge or flake, allowing you to enjoy your look all day long. Plus, with its easy-to-use brush applicator, you'll be able to apply the liner with precision.

  • The "Yamato Tōsō Pen" was born using hand-rubbed bristles using world-class craftsmanship. The "Felt Pen by Yamato Tōsō Pen" is exclusively molded from ultra-fine nylon to pursue a comfortable writing experience.
  • With uncompromising color matching, pen comfort and smooth strokes, color expression is broader.
  • The formula is waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant and smudge-proof to maintain beautiful lines in any environment.
  • Ergonomic octagonal design makes it easy to hold the pen and stable when drawing lines.
  • The dye-free formula won't cause pigmentation and can be easily removed with warm water.
  • Creates a loose feeling that black cannot achieve, and a tight color effect that brown cannot achieve. Fresh colors beyond your imagination.

    *Made in Japan

    熊野职人 UZU 睛奇彩色防水八角液体眼液笔

    • 运用世界一流工艺的手揉刷毛而诞生的「大和匠笔」,采用由极细尼龙独自成型的「毛毡笔by大和匠笔」,追求舒适的书写体验。
    • 不妥协的颜色调配、笔的舒适度与滑顺笔度,颜色的表现更加广阔。
    • 采用防水、防潮、耐油脂且不晕染的配方,在任何环境下都能维持美丽的线条。
    • 符合人体工学的八角形设计,握笔好拿,描绘线条时稳定。
    • 采用无染料配方,不会造成色素沉着,可用温水轻松去除。
    • 营造出黑色无法达到的宽松感,以及棕色无法达到的紧致色彩效果。超乎你想像的新鲜颜色。



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