V&A BEAUTY Clarifying Cleansing Foam 韩国V&A BEAUTY 抗氧化洁颜洗面乳 135mL


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V&A BEAUTY Clarifying Cleansing Foam

Cleanse gently, but thoroughly

This daily premium antioxidant-rich cleansing formula leaves the skin pure, bright and revitalized.

  • Antioxidant (DPPH Radical Scavenging)
    Activity TestedProven to eliminate DPPH radicals
  • Hypoallergenic andskin irritation tested
          Completed the primary irritation test for all cosmetic products
  • Clean Formula
    Excludes *19 harmful substances & animal ingredients
  • Eco Friendly

    Uses eco-friendly, FSC/SOY INK-certified packaging

Antioxidant-infused formula, resulting in deep cleansing and brings back healthy, natural glowing skin

A sumptuously rich, creamy foam that removes impurities built up in the pores

The nutritious, gel-based, thick texture transforms into a rich, whipped cream-like foam when combined with water, thoroughly cleansing impurities deep within pores and fine lines without causing dryness and irritation and leaving the skin moist and smooth.

Cleanse and fill your skin with antioxidant power

Give a purifying and revitalizing boost to your skin simply by adding this cleansing gel
to your daily cleansing routine.

Experience the powerful antioxidant energy of POLYTHENOL V&A Beauty's
independently developed antioxidant ingredient.

Skin looks younger every day with antioxidants that are 5.6 times stronger**

A key herbal ingredient for the purifying and revitalizing cleansing formula

An exceptional level of nutrition and hydration, leaving skin moist after cleansing

Comprising 13% of the product, Rosehip oil and other intense hydrating ingredients deliver exceptionally powerful nourishment and hydration.

Replenish your skin with moisture lost during cleansing and relish in a clean, dewy finish after cleansing

Designed for your skin

With its exquisite combination of traditional herbal ingredients and innovative skincare technology, discover a world of artistic beauty

Created to inspire you

V&A Beauty represents innovative product development and diverse artistic inspiration.
Bringing together advanced skincare technology with designs inspried by the V&A's unique collection.

*Made in Korea



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