VANCOOL Aroma Mist (Aqua Squash) 日本VANCOOL 芳香喷雾 (清新柠檬) 30ml


VANCOOL Aroma Mist 

A quick spray to the unpleasant smell in your room or car! The fragrance and deodorant effect spreads a gentle scent. Contains natural green tea extract. 

It's a mini bottle (30ml) that doesn't get in the way when you put it in your bag, so it's
convenient to carry.You can spray about 230 times.

It can also be used as a supplement when the scent of aroma products has weakened. A quick spray to the letter! It is also fashionable to make it an aroma letter.

日本VANCOOL 芳香喷雾

快速喷洒您房间或汽车中的难闻气味!香味和除臭效果散发出温和的香味。 含有天然绿茶提取物。

迷你瓶(30 毫升),放在包里,携带方便,可喷230次左右。



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