VANT 36.5

VANT 36.5 Baby Sun Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ 防晒气垫


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VANT36.5 is based on the theory that cosmetics absorption depends on the optimum density of active ingredients and skin optimum temperature 36.5°C following the law of osmotic pressure by Dutch chemist VANT HOFF who won the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 
  • Baby Sun Cushion – 15g Outer Case 1 pcs + Cushion 1 pcs + Air Puff 1 pcs
  • It makes skin smooth and it is free from white cast
  • Cushion type is easy to use sun cream to protect weak infant skin from sun.
  • SPF 50 PA+++ protects sensitive baby skin from strong UV rays
  • Water Drop sun lotion moisturizes the skin without stickiness


Baby Sun Cushion is non-sticky water drop sun lotion. Mild and smooth, organic ingredients make the skin smooth. It is a cushion type easy to use sun cream to protect weak infant skin from sun. It is an inorganic sun protection so it is safe on weak infants skin. Water Drop sun lotion moistures the skin without stickiness. Organic mixed extract moisturizes and soothing in the skin.

1. Take a suitable amount on a puff and dab on your face 30 minutes before going out.
2. Carrying the product applying once more is even better.
3. After you come back home, cleanse them off for your healthy skin.

Key Ingredients
1. Calendula Officinalis flower extract
2. Angelica Keiskei extract
3. Melissa officinalis leaf extract


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