VEGIE Amazake Slim Malted Rice Powder 150g 日本Vegie 菌活美人甜酒酿酵素


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Bacterial activity with topical amazake for beauty and health. A powdered drink made by fermenting eight kinds of grain koji such as brown rice, which is rich in dietary fiber.
A luxurious cup packed tightly with yeast and lactic acid bacteria, as well as koji enzymes.

  • As it is made by issuing rice koji instead of sake lees, it is non-alcohol free, sugar-free, and artificial sweetener free. 
  • Koji mold, yeast, 20 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, 11 kinds of vitamins and dietary fiber
  • About 29kcal per 1 cup (10g)
  • You can also enjoy the texture of the gentle sweetness
  • Every meal change / fasting
  • Hot, mixed with milk or yogurt, can be enjoyed in various ways of drinking, such as seasoning

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