VEGIE Bezier Veggie Barrier 90 Tablets 日本Vegie 燃脂截击瘦 90粒


A dietary support supplement that considers the beauty and health of modern people. Green nutrients are tightly condensed into one grain.

  • Not only for those who lack vegetables, but also for those who are worried about their nutritional balance.
  • Contains active fiber (R) potassium
  • Contains oolong tea polyphenol and mushroom chitosan
  • Mulberry leaf, inulin, broccoli sprout
  • Spirulina, 13 kinds of vegetable powder, iron chlorophyllin
  • For drinking parties / plus convenience stores / when you want to eat
  • 90 tablets/30 servings [3 Tablets per day] 


Ingredient and quantity

  • Spirulina powder, mulberry leaf powder, brown alga extract, inulin, oolong tea extract, barley young leaf powder, kale powder, broccoli powder, squash powder, mushroom chitosan, pak choi powder, parsley powder, carrot powder, broccoli sprout extract, celery powder , Bitter melon powder, spinach powder, morohaiya powder, wormwood powder, tomato powder / crystalline cellulose, magnesium oxide, hydroxypropylcellulose, potassium chloride, calcium stearate, fine particles of silicon oxide, coloring agent (sodium iron chlorophyllin)

[Nutrient ingredient indication]

  • Per 3 tablets (1.05g)
  • Energy 2 kcal / protein 0.21 g / lipid 0.03 g / carbohydrate 0.49 g (carbohydrate 0.12 g, dietary fiber 0.37 g) / corresponding salt 0.007 g / potassium 60 mg

Usage and dosage

  • As a dietary supplement, take 3 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water.

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