VENUS LAB Thalasso Beaute Oil in Body Lotion 日本VENUS LAB THALASSO  身体滋润精油 100ML


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1. Reduce skin irritation with Before & After.
Body lotion for Thalasso Beaute Epi Creme. By using before and after hair removal to reduce the burden on the skin, leading to smoother skin.
2. Unique floating oil technology
Usually, only a small amount of oil can be blended into the lotion, but it is possible to achieve high blending by the unique floating technology. By blending the oil, the skin surface is coated to protect the skin.
3. Luxury blend of thalasso ingredients and skin care ingredients
Including the blessings of the sea from Brittany in France * 1, seaweed extract * 2, marine collagen * 3 and squalane are mixed. In addition, it provides moisture to the skin by blending 11 kinds of skin care ingredients.

※ 1 sea salt
※ 2 Carafe Kombu Extract
※ 3 Water soluble collagen

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