VeSS Mineral Ion Blow Hair Brush Pink 1pc [2 Sizes] 矿物离子锁水防打结呵护秀发美发头梳

Hair Blow Brush Pink (LARGE): 
  • It help improve scalp blood circulation, enhance hair-moisture keep.
  • Bristle with far-infrared mineral ores compounded, healthy and beautiful hair benefits.
  • Far-infrared is imperceptible.
  • Excellent scalp massage effect.
  • A type that can also be used as a shampoo brush.
  • It also absorbs the water replenished during brushing, leaving the hair moist and moist.
  • Even if you wash at a high rate of far-infrared radiation at room temperature, the effect will not fall even if you wash it, so you can get the usual effect.

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