Vicrea Mixim Perfume Moist Repair Hair Pack Step 1.5 130g 香水持久系列 迷迭香修护受损发质护发膜 (促进头发生长)


Mixim Perfume incorporates a unique blending ratio of botanical concentrate and essential oils. Mix up your own potion by customizing a blending ratio unique to your hair, in the fragrance you like and use them in the order you desire. 

Moist Repair Hair Pack (Using Rosemary Oil): 

  • Repairs with organic flower oil and raw ceramide 
  • Over 90% are beautifying ingredients and organic ingredient 
  • Natural, hot and cold acting ingredients provides deep repair of the scalp and hair. 
  • High recommended for dry hair 
  • Rosemary + Tea Tree Fragrance 


  • After shampooing, apply mainly onto the ends and massage. Rinse. If continuing on to treatment, do not rinse and apply treatment directly on top. 

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