VIDIVICI Skin Illumination SPF30/PA+++ 40ML 红粉佳人底霜


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Secret of correcting your skin without any make-up. It can also help to brighten your skin tone with the natural pink color.

Skin Illumination has triple functions: Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle and Sunscreen Functions.

  1.     Toned up effect with pink tones returning to youthful skin.

o    Corrects dull skin tone to bright pink with dazzling and transparent pink base.

o    Expresses lucid, clear, and younger looking skin with clear toned-up powder to give illuminating effect onto skin


  1.     Cream-like texture to express glowing and moist skin

o    Cream-like texture covers imperfect skin, which expresses soft and moisturized skin.

o    Moisture-filed skin luster is illustrated with Sansevieria Trifasciata Leaf Extract and High Blooming Oil.


  1.     Multi-luster solution, where ever the light is needed

o    Blending with other products or re-applying can be easily done

o    The unique texture absorbed into skin moistly expressing skin's natural glow.

o    Acting as a toned-up base to correct skin tone and as a primer to create a smooth texture

o    Used as a highlighter to lighten up T-zone and C-zone

o    Used as an under eye highlighter to lighten up the dark circles.

Made in Korea

VIDIVICI粉底同气垫出色外,亦以光泽底妆闻名,best seller 之一就是这款Skin Illumination 红粉佳人底霜 SPF 30 PA++ 质地轻薄,能令皮肤显得更清透白皙,去掉暗沉,可轻易打造韩妹那种持久及带光泽的妆感,令自己有更好气息 可轻易修正肤色不均及黯沉的情形,其轻薄透亮的质感,缔造出光感度十足慨粉红瓷娃娃妆效,亮泽珠光全面提升上镜度,任何时候都保持肌肤水润亮泽,而且仲有埋防晒抵御紫外线侵袭。 集合经韩国食品药品监督管理局(KFDA)鉴定的美白、抗皱和紫外线防御三重功能于一身的清澈透亮的质感,内含虎尾兰叶精华和植物油成分有助整天保持肌肤水润亮泽。 用法亦相当广泛,可以单独使用,或配合其他底妆产品/粉底调整至理想肤色,亦可以用作光影或淡化黑眼圈。 


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